Celebrate the Perlmutter Family!

Welcome to Celebrate the Perlmutter Family Tribute page. Please join me in creating a community conversation by expressing your own personal (or your organization’s) gratitude for and appreciation of the Perlmutter Family’s devotion and generosity. Feel free to return to this page to leave your comments as often as you’d like.

Through their philanthropic endeavors, the Perlmutter Family has shown all of us the true meaning of caring and generosity. The Perlmutter Family has been vital to our community and indispensable to Shalom Park. Together, Essie Perlmutter and her children and grandchildren continue to strengthen and enhance Jordon’s philanthropic legacy. Only with the Perlmutters’ unsurpassed devotion and determination has Shalom Park been able to meet the needs of elderly Jews in exceptional ways; serving those needing long-term care with dignity and respect.

– Dan Stenersen, President and CEO of Shalom Park